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relaido, Inc. merged with CMerTV, Inc. on November 1, 2020.
CMerTV will continue to provide relaido's service.

About Opt-out

The Company distributes behavioral targeting advertisements to each of its partnering media. If you do not wish such advertisements to be displayed, please click the "Opt-out" button below. After clicking this button, the Company will not be able to accumulate the record of your visit history. (The accumulation may start again, if this setting of opt-out is disabled by deletion of Cookie or change of your PC.)
Subsequently, the information on the history of visits to the websites by users who browsed advertisements will not be acquired, which shall not however affect any distribution of advertisements.
If you would like to disable behavioral advertising by affiliated DSP / AD network companies, please opt out from the link below.
Amazon DSP
Google DV360

Privacy Policy for Targeting Advertisement Services

Targeting Advertisement Services

The Company collects the usage information of users on the websites of its partnering companies for targeting advertisement services (including the retailers, advertisers, and subscribers of advertisements to which the Company provides services), and provides you with the services to display advertisements and/or contents (products, etc.) catered to your interest and preference.
With these services, the Company aims to reduce the opportunities whereby advertisements with low relativity to you are less displayed and provide you with a comfortable web-browsing environment.

Usage information to be collected

The Company collects the behavior history information of users who accessed to the websites of partnering companies, such as information on the browsing of pages or of advertisements, or usage time slots, by using Cookie, identifier of terminal, or web cache data. The behavior history information that the Company collects is anonymous data, and they do not include any information which allows identification of individuals such as name, date of birth, or e-mail address.

Purposes of use of collected information

This behavior history information shall be mainly used for the targeting advertisement services to be provided by the Company. The collected behavior history information shall be used for classification into groups with similar preference or for the measurement of advertising effectiveness through statistical processing, and it shall not be used to individually analyze information of any specific individuals.

Privacy Policy

Please check here for the Privacy Policy of the Company.